Gallery III

Expansion II

The original Expansion is in the collection of the DC Arts Commission

Star Light, Star Quite Bright

More Favorites….

When I'm not quilting, I'm in the garden.

5 thoughts on “Gallery III

  1. I teach at Lakeview School in Edison, NJ. We are learning about Faith Ringgold and her story quilts. A coworker of mine and a friend of yours, Sylvie Leal showed my your website and I was just blown away. I wish your art was in a gallery that I could visit. Keep up the good work. You are amazing!

    Linda Frech

  2. My grandmother made quilts. I am very aware of the time and attention to detail required to produce each square. These quilts are priceless. Her work is an honor to the craft. Truly a blessed woman.

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